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My own research looks at what bereaved people do with the data in the face of loss. Often this is not solely a management issue, but one framed by a range of mourning practices more broadly. Yet when I discuss this work, the subject of data management often does arise. Usually this is because there are people who need help, particularly with how to access or shut down an account.

Thinking about data from an storage, access or management angle is not my areas of specialty, I know some basic facts about providers, so when I want to address specific questions I encourage people to look towards others who specifically focus on thinking about digital legacy. I often direct queries on to particular sites and resources that I have found helpful in the past. Today I want to briefly mention one person who is well worth checking out when it comes to the subject of digital legacy- Vered Shavit and her blog :

Her blog has a wealth of information on the issue of digital legacy.

The reason why I mention her today though, is that she has recently developed a comprehensive guide that not only raises awareness to the digital legacy issue, but provides some pragmatic advice for the types of questions I raised earlier. Something that I think will prove useful for people who need answers on the common questions around handling digital legacies.

Her guide is prompting you think about legacy from both sides, both about your own legacy and also from a bereavement perspective. As her writing provides an insight into what its like for other people to encounter a digital legacy after death. I think this bereavement angle to the issue of legacy, is one that really gives an glimpse into thinking about the affect of data on those we leave behind to manage it. Sadly, Vered speaks from experience on this issue of digital legacy and its certainly something you can see come through in her thoughtful and useful advice to others.

You can download a copy of Vered’s guide for free below:

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